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Skills Recruiting Videos

Are you a high school athlete wanting to get recruited and earn a college scholarship? College coaches like to see as much film on a prospective recruit as possible when determining whether or not to offer a college scholarship. We have developed a unique program whereas we will create a skills video for the athlete that can be presented to college recruiters. 

We will film the athlete performing all of the skills necessary to create a video that you can present to college recruiters. This program will benefit the receiver who might have the skills necessary to play the position in college but either didn't put up tremendous statistics, played within an offense that did not showcase that athlete's skills as a receiver, or does not have good game film.


A skills video allows an athlete to showcase all of his fundamental skills for the position of receiver. Here's a list of some of the skills we can get on video that can act as a tremendous addition to just game film:

  • Stance and Start

  • Line Releases

  • Route Running

  • Ball Catching

  • Stalk Blocking

Investment:  $999.00

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