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Meet Our Coaches

The importance of learning proper technique by an athlete in any sport, from as young of an age as possible, is paramount in that athlete's development in their sport of choice!  Football is a sport that requires a great amount of skill at all positions.  If only Tim Tebow had learned the proper mechanics of throwing a football at a young age, he would most likely still be in the NFL and would probably be one of the top QB's in the league!

Learning proper fundamentals doesn't happen over night!  If an athlete can start learning these fundamentals at 8, 9, or 10 years old he will have a much better chance at succeeding once in high school.  College scholarships are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars!  By investing a small amount into fundamental training now an athlete stands a better chance of being successful in high school, which increases the chances of being offered a scholarship to play football in college! 

Coach Eric Van Tassel

 Coach Eric Van Tassel

Terry Vaughn holding a football

Coach Terry Vaughn

Coach Van Tassel

Coach Van Tassel played the position of receiver at the collegiate and professional levels.  Beyond his playing career he has coached collegiately and professionally, all as a receiver coach, offensive coordinator, and head coach.  He has spent his coaching career perfecting the nuances of playing the receiver position.  He is considered to be one of the top receiver coaches in the country.

Coach Vaughn

You could not ask for a better one-to-one football mentor than Terry Vaughn. His record setting career and love for the game is obvious the moment you meet him.  He can help you take your receiver skills to great new heights!  Terry played at the University of Arizona and went on to a 13 year career in the Canadian Football League.  He was voted into the CFL Hall of Fame and ranked in the top 50 all time greatest players in CFL history.

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